Wednesday, September 9, 2015

About Me

Timothy C. Stevens is a husband, father, business man, and pastor. Tim served as a Firefighter in the United States Air Force attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. Following his enlistment he continued to serve as a civilian Firefighter/Paramedic in Florida and North Carolina. After retiring into the business world Tim spent several years in study and eventually became an ordained minister. He continues to work in business and volunteers as a chaplain for fire rescue and for combat veterans.

Tim’s experiences over the course of eighteen years as a first responder help him to minister to victims as well as fellow first responders. As a veteran who has been through traumatic experiences he is able to relate to the difficulties faced by combat veterans as well. Tim’s crisis of faith from traumatic events was ultimately instrumental in him becoming a pastor as the issues were resolved and the memories healed. 

To meet the challenges of being an on-call chaplain and to truly enjoy life Tim realized that he needed to be in much better physical condition. This quest required a radical change in nutrition and exercise that has produced amazing results. Realizing how key health is to the whole person he has consolidated his passion for helping others into Commissioned Life Initiative. 

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