Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chaplain's Corner

The world was expecting a savior, a messenger and deliverer from God who would set all things right. When Jesus arrived on the scene He wasn’t at all what they were expecting. He didn’t talk, teach, or act like they thought He should if He were to accomplish what they wanted Him to accomplish. To this day the life and teachings of Jesus seem to raise more questions than they answer.

Jesus was fully committed to honoring the Father and to carrying out the mission He had been given. He can only be understood within this context. Before He stepped down from heaven and became a part of His creation as a human being He knew the cost of freedom. He had determined that if the price had to be paid He would pay it Himself.

Jesus life and entire focus were driven by His devotion and His mission. He intended to carry out the will of the Father and absolutely nothing would stand in His way, not even His own life. He put the mission first, He would not accept defeat and He would not quit. God’s desire was that no one would be left behind, so Jesus came to make a way for us.

Jesus endured hardship, exhaustion, betrayal, and indescribable emotional and physical pain. He, more than anyone, knows the suffering of a warrior.

The word “gospel” means good news. The good news is that Jesus succeeded in His mission. The door of heaven has been opened for us.

May God bless you!
Pastor Tim

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