Monday, September 14, 2015

Enhance Your Life By Failing At Math!

The weather was beautiful this morning with a drop in humidity and low to mid 70’s for temperatures as the new day started. I’m not much of a morning person but this was too good to miss. So rather than going out for an evening run around the neighborhood I went to the park this morning with Lisa. When we got there Lisa went one way to do her thing and I went to the causeway so I could run by the water out to the beach and back a couple of times. My goal was to run out, back, and out again then do a short video at the beach and take a cool down walk back to the car. 

The run seemed particularly challenging this morning as I really struggled just to make each trip on the causeway. My legs cramped a bit until I stopped and stretched and I just kept getting winded, forcing me to slow to a fast walk for awhile. But I pushed through and completed my goal, although not in record time for a mile and a half. I chocked it up to going out in the morning which my body just isn’t used to. 

I had ignored the distance tracked by GPS on my running app because the last time I used a GPS app out by the beach it failed to give an accurate measurement. I looked at it later just to get my time and I realized something. The distance was accurate. I had actually gone twice the distance I thought I had. The causeway isn’t a half mile long, it’s a mile long. I did a full 5k this morning, plus a cool down mile afterward.

I feel pretty good about my error in distance calculations because of how good I feel about my goal to run a 5k now. I accidentally went the full distance this morning so now I know I can make it. For the next month and a half I just need to work on my time to get ready for the race on Halloween. It was a good morning!

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