Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God Does Not Need My Help

A few years ago I was working on a project involving woodworking tools and requiring woodworking skills. I am lacking in both but attach my very masculinity on getting the job done right. As I was working I kept getting interruptions and unwanted "help" from my little boy. There was a lot of sanding to be done so I gave him an assignment. He didn't complete it because three minutes later he just wanted to play. I was getting frustrated with the whole thing and my crabbiness was growing. Then it occurred to me that maybe I was missing the point of pinewood derby. I stopped what I was doing and reevaluated the project. Elias and I went back to work on the car together, sharing the experience and having some fun together. I certainly didn't NEED his help in any way to get the job done, but I WANTED his help because that is what it was really all about.

It occurred to me later that maybe this was a good example of the work in God's kingdom. He would probably be a lot better off in getting things done if I wasn't in the way with all of my weaknesses, insecurities, and essentially selfish nature. But God WANTS me to help because He loves me. My involvement is primarily between God and I and no matter what the results of the race may be, the important thing is that we finish it together.

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