Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to Fail at Fitness - A Proven 3-Step Program

1) Do Not Be Accountable!
Only successful people are teachable and accountable to others. They team up with buddies, mentors, or coaches and they stay in touch. They do this with transparency and humility because they want to succeed. Remember this as you set out to fail. Isolate yourself, don't let anyone tell you anything, and don't be honest with anyone. Not only will these important steps help you fail but most people won't even know you failed when you do. 

2) Do Not Exercise!
Increasing physical activity leads to improved health in every way and healthy people become physically fit at their ideal weight. It is very difficult to find a bad exercise program so it is best to avoid all of them. Whatever you do, don't get into a structured program that is both challenging and fun. Those things are habit forming and developing good habits is detrimental to failure. Let's just stick with the recliner and the fad diets that always failed us before.

3) Deprive Yourself of Nutrition!
This is the biggie. Even if you mess up and make a bad decision toward being successful in points one and two if you follow this tip you will always fail so it is your ace in the hole. Fortunately it is very easy to do. Most likely you are not getting proper nutrition anyway so reducing the quantity of your poor nutrition multiplies your chances of failure. After about the first week of reduced intake your body starts screaming for nutrients so you become weak, irritable, cloudy-headed, and overwhelmed by cravings. It works every time. But if you want to make sure try adding in supplements that contain soy, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavorings. These are the wicked three dieting ingredients that wreak havoc on your system making fitness impossible.

So follow these important steps and I promise you your momentary impulse to become and stay healthy is doomed. You can do it, or rather, NOT do it!

Now that you are inspired to fail DO NOT contact the author because he is a fraud. He is succeeding and likes to help others on the path to success.

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