Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Product Review: MyNetDiary App for Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition

I consider this app to be the secret weapon that has helped me succeed in my permanent weight loss plan. It is easy and fun to use and does an excellent job of covering the essentials. MyNetDiary is now a part of my day that I rely on to keep me on track. It is a breeze to work with and a tremendous value.

I started using the MyNetDiary app on my iPhone in May of 2015. After a quick download I tried out the free version. Setup was simple enough. To get the most out of the app you enter all of your current measurements and weight. Be an optimist and do a “before” picture also. 

Once my essentials were put in for a starting point I put in my goal weight and gave myself a reasonable length of time to arrive there safely. At my son’s suggestion I put in my daily activity level as “sedentary”. The app calculates your daily calorie needs to maintain your weight based on height, age, current weight, and activity level so a lower activity level gives you a lower daily calorie count. The goal weight and length of time are then taken into account and my daily calorie allotment was adjusted accordingly. 

Throughout the day it is a simple matter to enter what you eat. The built-in bar code scanner accesses an impressive database with the full nutrition label for most foods. You can also type in an item description and look for matches. Manual entries of items or complete recipes are also accepted. Over time you will see that commonly used foods come up first. On the home screen you get a running tally of how many calories are left for the day to stay within your weight loss goal.

In addition to calorie counting the MyNetDiary app tracks a very detailed breakdown of nutritional elements. It will alert you to some items like excessive sodium or cholesterol. Reviewing the daily nutritional intake gives you a good idea of how well you are eating. Total water intake is measured as well. 

Along with your nutritional intake you can keep track of your daily exercise. This can be done manually and/or you can get the optional GPS tracker for walking and running. I upgraded to the pro version of the main app and got the optional tracker. Now that I’m training to run a 5k I have the tracker set to give me a happy alert when I hit the 5k mark on a run. Back in the main app the running tally of calories does not change when you input calories burned from exercise. This does show in your daily analysis where it estimates your rate of weight loss though. 

The app itself is very intuitive so you will find it simpler than it sounds in my review. I highly recommend it. At the outset I told everyone that I’m not dieting – I’m just playing a game on my phone. So far that game has helped me shed 12% of my starting weight!

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