Wednesday, September 9, 2015

That Broken Arm is all in Your Mind

An estimated 19 million Americans are living with major depression, a debilitating disease that is potentially fatal. It isn't just something they can "get over" and trying to tough it out often times just makes it worse. Depression, like all mental illnesses, carries a certain stigma that keeps people from seeking proper treatment. The stigma also leads to isolation which can be dangerous. In church settings the stigma may even cross the line to accusing the person of lacking faith because they aren't well.

Depression is a medical condition and it is treatable. The needed treatment may be short term, not unlike needing a cast for an arm fracture. Some may need treatment long term in order to lead healthy lives. The key is to make that difficult step of seeking medical help. Prayer is absolutely appropriate and highly recommended. You are welcome to contact me for prayer and an understanding ear. But just like you would seek help for a broken arm, get medical help for this medical condition.

The best way to describe depression is, in a word, pain. The good news is a lot of progress has been made in treating not only the pain of this medical condition but in helping to heal from it. Just like with any medical condition getting proper nutrition and becoming physically healthy can go a long way toward helping you heal. Please take care of yourself and let me know if I can help.

Timothy C Stevens

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Tim. Some people may not have been diagnosed with depression but alot of people know someone who does. This is good information. I'm going to share this.


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