Thursday, September 24, 2015

Where’s the Gain for my Pain?

It is now ironic that I posted a meme about the discomfort involved in change this morning. That was before I attempted my run. The other night I pushed it too far in the heat. Afterward I was feeling pretty bad and my knee started to hurt. Over the last couple of months my knee had stopped bothering me about walking. Obviously I forgot to ask it for it’s opinion about running. It is not a fan. I anticipated this today and went with a shortened goal with a long warm up and stretching first. That part went fine.

If a guy hasn’t been terribly active in a very long time and he never really was, he may be a bit foolish asking his body to become athletic on short notice. This became apparent in the first quarter mile this morning as I just couldn’t keep my breath. So I alternated walking and running just to get in a good workout rather than going for any decent time. By the end of my goal I was more than happy to slow down for good for the day. I also decided it would be sexy to limp, along with being out of breath and sweating like a slug.

As I took a good cool down walk by the water I started questioning my sanity and the feasibility of my fitness goals. The other day I optimistically signed up for a 5k run a month from now. I don’t think they will let me drive it in my car. I may have bit off more than I can chew. Adding to the temptation for discouragement is the fact that the scales haven’t moved in two weeks. I have been very diligent in water intake, diet and exercise. Theoretically this should be dropping my weight. The reality is my body just decided to say no for a while.

Pain with no perceptible gain is no fun. As I limped along the beach, thankful that very few people were around, I mulled over what looked at the moment like the stupidity of what I was doing. The sunshine and beauty of the water were cheery company and I talked things over with God rather than feeling sorry for myself. By the time I got to the north end of the beach I remembered what I was doing, and it had very little to do with a 5k race. I am just trying to get as healthy as I can so I can live the best life possible.

I may not win any races and it may take some time before I can even run a full 3.1 miles but neither of those things are my true goal. This is about being a good steward of the life and body God gave me so I can best serve him. If I am healthy, I am more useful to him and available for any adventures he may come up with.

Driving home I passed several restaurants serving Greek food and cheeseburgers that made my tummy start grumbling. Those things aren’t helpful in my plan though, so I kept driving. As I type this blog as much for myself as for you I have an ice pack on my knee and I’m sipping on my Shakeology. On the other side of pain there is gain.

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