Thursday, September 10, 2015

You'll Never Believe What Happened When I Tipped the Scales in My Favor!

Eating healthy and getting enough exercise had never been high on my list of priorities. As a result I found myself logging a 54th birthday with about 16% more of me in the math on the bathroom scales than I should have and a growing list of health problems. My medicine cabinet was seeing frequent use and my routine blood work at the doctor’s office not only had bad things to say about my health but there was also a scary number that sent me to a specialist to see if I had prostate cancer. Fortunately I didn’t have cancer, the PSA markers going up were a direct result of a sedentary lifestyle.

My wife had started a radical change in diet several months previously with impressive results in her health and she had wrestled off 50 pounds already. I had been helpful with only occasional teasing and we experimented with healthy recipes and strategies together. This clean eating thing can be very inconvenient and expensive if you don’t work out a whole new way of doing food. Part of the reason it was complicated at this point was that we were on completely different diets. My wife and son were on one plan, and I was on another. It was time for me to make some changes.

My wife and son were reviewing their smart phone apps that track their daily nutrition and exercise one morning and that caught my attention. It was a smart phone app. I like smart phone apps. So my son showed me where to get it and how to set it up. It tracks all of the nutrition and calories of everything you eat and shows how much more you can have each day to stay within your weight loss goal. It also tracks your exercise so you can keep track of your fitness progress. We put in my numbers and my ideal weight for my height and age as a goal and I started playing a game on my phone every day.

Exercise was somewhat of a foreign language to me as I found that a formerly fit firefighter/paramedic had been holding down a desk for too long. After about a mile of walking, my knee and hip hurt too much to continue. Fortunately I had some good encouragement from the bathroom scales. The complete change in diet to all healthy foods at reasonable quantities made a remarkable difference as I watched over 10 pounds go away in the first month. This was working so I kept walking.

As the next couple of months went by in the new lifestyle the scales slowed from a crawl to no movement. At this point I was very encouraged by seeing how much farther I could walk and exercise but the scales were getting annoying. I was also starting to struggle with cravings and hunger. I wasn’t getting enough nutrition. The food I was eating had considerably more nutrients than my previous indulgent eating plan but my body needed some things and it was starting to complain.

I talked to my wife about scale frustration and how I was feeling and she made a shakeology® for me to drink. It was good and it filled me up so I took her advice to start drinking one every day. Shakeology® is a nutrient-dense shake that is all healthy clean eating ingredients with absolutely no bad stuff added in. From a nutrition standpoint it’s like getting one of those super fancy health smoothies with all of the natural boosts added except it’s a fraction of the cost. After just a couple of days I noticed a big difference in my energy and the way I felt overall. Now that I was getting the nutrition I needed the scales started to move again as well.

By the end of summer I had shed 25 pounds and had dropped two full waist sizes in my wardrobe. My speed and distance of walking were both up considerably. After stepping off over 7 miles one evening my brain had a crazy thought and said to me, “Maybe I should start jogging.” This is something that would have never even crossed my mind only months before. But now I was actually excited about it. As I was closing in on my weight loss goal I needed another challenge to work toward. The next evening I took a test run and found, to my amazement, that it didn’t actually kill me. It probably looked like it was going to and I couldn’t do a full block without slowing to a walk for a while. But I jogged and walked a mile and a half and I actually felt pretty good .

It is now September 10, 2015 and I have set a goal for myself to do something I have never done before. There is a 5k race on Halloween* not far from here and I am going to run it. 5k is a little over 3 miles and I can’t make it that far yet. But I am going to. My Halloween costume this year is going to be a middle-aged formerly totally out of shape guy huffing and puffing across a finish line with a huge grin on his face. I have work to do.

*Update: I just registered for a 5k on October 24th instead. This one is being put on by East Lake Fire Rescue and benefits the Children's Burn Foundation of Florida and Joshua House so it's perfect for me. Registration info may be found HERE.

PS- After the success I had with shakeology® I signed on as an independent reseller. If you want to try shakeology® or any of the other Beachbody products I can be your “coach”.

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  1. I enjoyed your story! It's more about getting out of a middle-age-rut than just weight loss, and as such you come across as a very real person. Inspiring story. Good luck on your 5k run! :)


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