Friday, November 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Turkeys

A Tale of Two Turkeys

A year ago in the aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner we were facing a bigger problem than a mountain of dishes and gravy covered walls. Lisa was sick. She was scary sick to the point of wondering if we needed to point the car toward the nearest ER. She didn’t want to go and as she toughed out the worst of it one thing became very apparent. Her food sensitivities could no longer be ignored and she wasn’t going to get well without a radical change in lifestyle.

Lisa doesn’t do things halfway or with limited enthusiasm so as soon as she was on her feet again she was tackling a new life. Elias and I were on board with helping her and experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients and recipes. It was a fun family project and our food results started being more keepers than trials and errors.

As time went by the plan started working and Lisa started feeling better than she had in a very long time. Adding regular exercise made a difference too and her wardrobe started malfunctioning. I don’t mean in the Super Bowl exposure kind of way, I mean that her clothes no longer fit her. From eating nothing but healthy foods and getting in a little daily exercise she was seeing dramatic weight loss as well as just being in better overall health.

By the time I got on board with the clean fuel and regular exercise lifestyle at the end of May we had a good household routine worked out. It actually made things easier to just buy the healthy groceries for everyone. I started to see the same kind of results that Lisa had and she was thrilled to have me on the same page as her.

This Thanksgiving was quite a milestone for Lisa and our whole family. Together we have lost almost one hundred pounds in the last year. Our health has improved so much we are off all prescriptions and we rarely take over the counter medications anymore. Our family fun outings now include a lot more physical activity which opens up many more fun possibilities. That will typically include a cheat meal just because it’s so hard to eat healthy anywhere but home in this country. It’s fun to have a little indulgence sometimes too. But even there we take it easy because we have found that heavy and heavily processed foods now make us feel lousy.

For Thanksgiving this year we got creative with healthy recipes and had a fantastic meal. Lisa spent too much time around the hot oven and got a bit of a headache, but her tummy did fine with dinner. It’s been quite a year for us learning to live differently. I can honestly say that it has been a fantastic change and I highly recommend it. And in conclusion, I am very proud of my healthy wife!

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  1. Y'all have good reason to be proud of what you've accomplished in the past year! And, you are inspiring others! God bless you!


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