Thursday, November 5, 2015

Caveat Emptor Shakeology Bargains

If you are buying your Shakeology on eBay or any other place that is not as a direct sign up under an official Beachbody coach, you need to understand the risks.

1) You have no idea if that mix has been stored properly. Shakeology is created under the most intense inspections for temperature control to make sure the vital nutrients are not depleted from heat and cold.

2) You don't know if it's been tampered with in any way.

3) You could be buying stolen merchandise. - Official Beachbody Coaches get fraudulent orders all the time. Purchases made with a stolen credit card or people who buy it, receive it, then call their credit card company and issue a charge back claiming they didn't actually order it. But the product has already shipped so everyone on the honest side loses!

Listen - It is highly unlikely that a legitimate coach would sell the product outside of the Beachbody system because their mission is to help you AFTER the purchase to stay on track. That's the number one goal and what we're trained for.

Also, we not only earn a commission but we earn points for other rewards. Why would I sell something on eBay and cut myself out of the rewards which actually outweigh the commission? If I'm actually running a legitimate, honest Beachbody Coaching business, I wouldn't!!!

BUYER BEWARE. Buy from an official Beachbody Coach. (Like my wife)

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