Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Under Our Skin - Book Review. Overcoming Racial Division.

Under Our Skin

Getting Real about Race and Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations that Divide Us

Benjamin Watson is known as an outstanding football player with a Super Bowl ring who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. He is also well-known for his thoughtful insights and inspirational writing on social media. When the events in Ferguson Missouri stirred the flames of racial tension Benjamin Watson shared a heartfelt message on Facebook. This message went viral and opened up doors for him to speak at a variety of venues on this difficult topic. He also expanded on those thoughts and wrote this compelling book.

I took my time reading this book so I could really absorb what the author is sharing. It is courageously personal and honest, with a perspective that most white Americans simply can't relate to. This is exactly why all of us of all ethnicities need to read this book. It is brutally honest but in a way that is completely relatable and not simply venting. It is also, ultimately, a message of great hope.

Under Our Skin is the very best thing you can read to understand the state of racial issues in America today and what we can all do to overcome the challenges. I highly recommend this book!

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