Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Steak & Mushroom Pie

A friend and nutrition guru recently did a series of healthier versions of British recipes. Her husband is from England so they are properly inspired. I was very intrigued by the steak and kidney pie recipe. I was the only one in my household on board for the kidney part so I made the optional steak version instead. Things went pretty well except for making the crust pretty. I put a little too much water in the dough and not enough flour on the counter. So it ended up a bit sticky and fall aparty. In the end it didn't matter because it was completely delicious.

You can find the complete recipe HERE.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finding Peace with What I've Seen

"I wish my mind could forget what my eyes have seen" is a quote I've seen going around in the first responders and veterans communities. I can honestly say that I used to feel that way about some of the things that I've seen. During a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic I was directly involved in caring for over 10,000 sick and injured people. Much of that was unpleasant. There were also some extreme situations that I just wasn't prepared to deal with. So I didn't. Or at least I tried not to. I just suppressed the emotions and pushed the memories aside and kept busy on the job. That helps a lot because along with seeing the pain and suffering you see the very best of humanity. People from all walks of life will do everything they can to help others in need. Some of the finest examples of this are the ones who pursue helping others as an occupation.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why Run?

Why do you run when nobody is chasing you? People who don't run often ask this question and it's actually a difficult one to answer. I used to ask it myself before I found myself pounding the pavement for fun.

Running seems to be something you either love or hate. And if you love it I think it's a mix of both. It's essentially a solitary sport, with the possible exception of some types of races. An act of will is required each step of the way as various parts of the body register their complaints with management. Knowing that relief is just a slow-down away can magnify any pain, shortness of breath, heat, or exhaustion.