Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowmaggedon Safety

Be Snow Careful!

  • Don't drive if you don't absolutely have to for an actual emergency. If you get stuck in the road you will block snowplows and/or emergency vehicles from getting through. If you run into a problem help may not be able to reach you for an extended period of time.
  • If you do need to drive bring emergency supplies. Think of what you would like to have if you get to hang out in your car for a day or so with the car not running.
  • Shoveling snow is hard work. Take it easy, hydrate, and take breaks. Stop and do some light stretching from time to time.
  • Be prepared to deal with emergencies as regular services may not be able to reach you. Be familiar with what is in your first aid kit. You know, the one you were supposed to get when you went to the store for bread and milk?
  • Be prepared for extended power outages. Be smart about keeping warm. Don't risk burning down your house or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If power lines are downed by ice or wind treat them as though they are energized and keep clear. 
  • 911 is for serious emergencies only. Don't tie up emergency lines and dispatchers for non-emergency issues like power outages, road clearing questions, or sushi delivery.
  • Don't do anything stupid. Wait until the weather clears for that. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Under Our Skin - Book Review. Overcoming Racial Division.

Under Our Skin

Getting Real about Race and Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations that Divide Us

Benjamin Watson is known as an outstanding football player with a Super Bowl ring who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. He is also well-known for his thoughtful insights and inspirational writing on social media. When the events in Ferguson Missouri stirred the flames of racial tension Benjamin Watson shared a heartfelt message on Facebook. This message went viral and opened up doors for him to speak at a variety of venues on this difficult topic. He also expanded on those thoughts and wrote this compelling book.

I took my time reading this book so I could really absorb what the author is sharing. It is courageously personal and honest, with a perspective that most white Americans simply can't relate to. This is exactly why all of us of all ethnicities need to read this book. It is brutally honest but in a way that is completely relatable and not simply venting. It is also, ultimately, a message of great hope.

Under Our Skin is the very best thing you can read to understand the state of racial issues in America today and what we can all do to overcome the challenges. I highly recommend this book!

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Man, Glenn Frey

My Man, Glenn Frey 

If there was one defining album of my youth it was “On the Border” by the Eagles. We blasted it on an 8-track while cruising around town, and got the vinyl album to listen to at home. To this day I know every note and every word on this album and they all bring back happy memories. Even the sad tribute song to a lost friend of the band’s makes me smile. It’s beautiful and a fitting tribute to Graham Parsons from the Flying Burrito Brothers.

The shocking news this evening of the passing of Glenn Frey made me think of those carefree days listening to the music of my youth. I’m very happy that I was able to see the Eagles perform live several years back. It’s hard to accept the fact that I won’t ever be able to again.

I really can’t come up with the words to express how I feel about Glenn Frey tonight. But I can’t think of a more fitting tribute musically than the one he collaborated on all those years ago. This is a song called “My Man” by the Eagles from the On the Border album:

Rest in Peace, Glenn Frey.

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Crazy Reasons People Call 911

This video produced by the Tuscaloosa Fire Department would be more hilarious if it weren't so true:

911 is there for you anytime and anyplace you need help. I absolutely don't want to discourage anyone from ever reaching out in time of need. But please consider whether you really need these resources for the problem you are facing if it isn't an actual emergency.